Frequently Asked Questions

Hunzy is a natural product with organic elements. One of the main ingredients in Hunzy’s natural whipped body butter would be the shea butter. The shea butter is just like any other butter and will melt in high temperatures of heat. I advise you to keep your Hunzy butter at room temperature. 


After your products are paid for it will be processed and then shipped. After your Hunzy butter is shipped you would then receive a tracking number for your shipment including your estimated delivery date. PLEASE ALLOW 6-10 BUSINESS DAYS FOR SHIPPING! After your butter is delivered please do not let your package sit outside in high temperatures of heat. You should bring your package inside immediately or ship to an address where you know your package will be kept at room temperature. 


If your shea butter is melted... Do Not Worry! You can still use the body butter. Your skin will still receive all the nutrients and healing properties because it’s still the same great recipe just in a liquid form. 


Thank you, 

- The Hunzy Team

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